How a dog costume contest led to Irritable Bowel Syndrome relief

How a dog costume contest led to Irritable Bowel Syndrome relief - Sweet Lilly's

Today I want to share a customer story, rather than one of our usual blog posts. It is these customer stories, that truly make our days here at

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It was last Halloween that I had the honor of judging a Dog Costume Contest for Downtown Dog Lounge. The winner was a gorgeous Swiss Mountain dog named Charlie who received a Cauldron of Droodles.

When Charlie was 18 months old his parents opted to test his bowels because Charlie was struggling with a very fickle tummy. They discovered their pup was suffering from IBS, (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Charlie’s humans, Blake and Melissa, tried tons of different treats in the past. They either weren’t very appetizing to Charlie (hence not a treat) or they somehow still upset his tummy. I’m happy to say Charlie is now a lifetime Droodle customer and raving fan!

Receiving this letter literally brought me to tears.


My dog won a Halloween costume contest in Seattle at the Amazon HQ set up by Downtown Dog Lounge and as part of the “prize” we were given a generous sample of your dog treats.

Charlie was diagnosed with IBS when he was a puppy and he often goes through periods where he is too nauseous to eat his food.  This often snowballs because; if he doesn’t eat then he gets more nauseous.  I found your dog treats to be an absolute miracle cure for him. If he doesn’t feel like eating simply giving him some of your treats magically reminds him that he is hungry and stops the cycle.  I sincerely wish you and your business the best success and wanted to thank you for producing such a high quality dog snack that has really helped Charlie.

We ran out of our “prize supply” recently and just ordered 10 new large bags!

Sincerely a new customer for life,



Thank you so much Blake (and Charlie!) for sending us your story. And thanks to all the other customers that send in their stories. It really makes us proud, and feel very special. It drives us to continually delivering the best dog treats we can!

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Guaranteed Drools of Delight from the very first Bite!

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