Three common dog myths debunked!

Three common dog myths debunked! - Sweet Lilly's

We’ve all heard a variety of things about dogs and their behaviors. Like why do they do this or that, or should they be doing this or that, and so on. So today we thought we’d debunk a few of our favorite myths for you!

A dry nose is a sick nose?


A dog’s nose is not an indicator for their health status. Their noses can change rapidly from wet to dry; warm to cold!

Love on those sweet noses and worry no more!


Do dogs only eat grass if they’re sick?


There are many different reasons your dog may decide to munch on grass. Although no one is entirely sure why, ideas range from possible stomach troubles, to a delicious treat for some taste-buds and boredom for others. Experts do assure us that unless grass is covered in chemicals or pesticides, it is nutritionally safe for our pets to consume.

Munch away, grass lovers!


You can’t teach an old dog a new trick!


Just as humans of any age can learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby, so can dogs! Dogs desire mental stimulation and to please their owners. It will take some practice, but old dogs can definitely learn new tricks. Do not be forceful.

Teach away and use an abundance of praise and patience!


All the best!


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