Apple & Pear Droodles - Sweet Lilly&
Apple & Pear Droodles - Sweet Lilly&
Apple & Pear Droodles - Sweet Lilly&

Apple & Pear Droodles

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100% Natural Dog Treats

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Hand Made with Love

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High in Protein

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No Preservatives or Fillers


Apple and Pear Droodles are Sweet Lilly’s favorite flavor!

Premium hand trimmed boneless chicken breast, Honeycrisp Apples, and Organic Bartlett Pears create a delicious treat.  Low on calories and high on protein, potassium, and Vitamin C. Droodles are tail wagging good!    


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Lilly is our beautiful, loving, gentle giant, but like many dogs of all sizes she needs a strict, healthy, grain-free diet for her sensitive stomach. I tried almost everything and spent a fortune only to have Lilly end up with more stomach problems. So I developed Sweet Lilly’s Droodles. My treats are made from 100% whole foods. Our chicken is born, raised and grown in the USA! No grains, spices, preservatives, or unnatural sounding ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

If Lilly won’t eat them – I won’t sell them.

Read the full “Droodle” story in our blog!


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Drools of Delight from the Very First Bite!


Droodles are dehydrated chicken treats made from hand trimmed chicken breast and the highest quality fruits and vegetables. No grains, spices, preservatives, or unnatural sounding ingredients that you can't pronounce.

No Preservatives, No Fillers
HIGH Protein
LOW Calories

Frequently asked questions

Droodles are hand crafted using premium, boneless hand-trimmed chicken breast! We infuse our Droodles with fresh fruits and vegetables to insure a delicious, irresistible, and nutritious treat for your furry friend.

Don’t tell your dog, but cats love them too!

Droodles are all-natural, grain-free treats crafted in Seattle from locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the freshest quality. Loved by both dogs and cats, they're a delightful treat made with USA-raised chicken. With a commitment to satisfaction, choose Droodles and watch your pets drool with delight from the very first bite!

Absolutely, unless your pup has allergies to Chicken. Droodles are loved by dogs from coast to coast. Whether you have giants like mine or small breeds, your dog will love you even more, if that’s possible. Don’t tell your dog but cats like them too…

At Sweet Lilly’s we offer a scrumptious variety of flavors for even the pickiest of dogs!

Droodle Flavors:

  • Plain Chicken: The Original flavor that started it all and still our number one seller. You’ll be amazed once you open a bag and smell the freshness! Dogs just can’t say no to a Droodle!
  • Apple & Pear: A delicious combination of fresh Apples and Pears that will surely bring them coming back for more! These are Lilly’s ABSOLUTE Favorite!
  • Apple: The delicious flavor of Apple adds the perfect sweetness all dogs crave! Low in calories, packed with fiber and protein.
  • Banana: Dogs love the naturally sweet and creamy flavor of Banana’s!
  • Blueberry: One of our most popular flavors and Bagley’s all-time favorite! Packed with antioxidants and fiber! Delectably delicious, sure to make any dog drool with delight!
  • Sweet Potato & Carrot: The combination of Sweet Potato and Carrots make a healthy treat, savory that’s simply irresistible.

    Every Droodle is crafted with love! They provide a healthy and delicious snacking experience that will keep them coming back for more. You can even mix and match flavors to create your own Variety Pack!

We take pride in creating a treat you can trust and feel good about feeding your pup!
Give us a try, your dog will love you even more!

More questions? Ask us here.

What People are saying about Sweet Lilly’s Droodles:

Wonderful Treats! You’ve changed the mood in our household!!!!!!!


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